DataSprig works with a variety of businesses to provide everything they need to launch and grow products fast

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We’ll work with you to make sure we deploy the best version of your idea. Helping you with the creation of business models, product design and marketing efforts


We make sure to design a product your customers will love and we build with the best technology available, ensuring the highest standards and scalability


Once launched, we will work with your team on post-launch features and experiments, putting revenue generation and ROI at the forefront of the engagement

Helping Sri Lanka’s most respected businesses drive digital revenue growth

Our promise

No vanity work

When you pay your typical agency, at least 50% of your budget is going towards “vanity work”. This is simply work that keeps the agency employees busy, but creates absolutely no value for you.

Your typical agency will always tell you what you want to hear (even if it is impossible!), so long as they get paid in the short term. Setting up a situation where you don't end up creating something that your customers value, meanwhile, it ended up costing you more and was delivered late. Sound familiar?

Yep, we know people in the agency business really don't like to hear this when pointed out, but it is true. Large parts of the industry have changed in the last couple of years and the approach taken by the large-scale, big name, hierarchical agencies and their superstar creative directors that were once the embodiment of agency success is exactly what’s holding them back.

As agencies struggle to “go digital”, launch lean and learn fast, work remotely and adapt their existing structure to a world that no longer has time or the funds to hang around and wait for them to get it right, we ask “Why should a project take 6 months, when it could take 6 days?

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