Traversing beyond borders and accomplishing the unknown

With thousands of consumers going digital every year, Sri Lanka is one of the highest growing digital economies in the region. How are you prepared for those consumers demands and needs?

Expertise: Growth Hacking, SEO/SEM, Social Media Marketing
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube
Deliverables: Growth engagement and establishing a stimulus for continuous orders

Challenging the margins and permeating borders

Blooming British is the sister company of Shirohana Flowers based in the UK. Shirohana Flowers being a pioneer of large-scale cut-flower production in Sri Lanka holds a considerable market share within the national Wholesale Flower market with an exponential e-commerce presence.

Thus, taking up new ambitions to enter an industry within a competitive global territory, in 2022 Blooming British faced the challenge of establishing a market presence in Business-to-Business sales of flowers. Here is where we at Sprig Agency came in to provide sustainable solutions to create growth engagement.

Starting with the basics

It was essential to first revisit the business model and core value propositions of Blooming British, alongside the growth of Shirohana Flowers. We also delved deep to understand the formation of the wholesale flower industry in the UK and explore growth patterns as well as consumer and sales trends.

Providing growth-driven solutions

Across a collaborative data-driven A/B testing mechanism, a wide range of experiments was conducted on diverse platforms including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Likewise, Search ads, Video ads, Image ads, and Carousel ads were run targeting multifarious value propositions. The growth engagement process began to show much positive development with successful leads produced via Lead Generation ads that laid the foundation for an optimistic increase in conversion rates. Our growth marketing efforts further created opportunities for Blooming British to be identified by leading international broadcasting networks such as BBC Radio.


Our growth engagement solutions not only created a market space for Blooming British to enter the UK wholesale flower industry and establish a base in Business-to-Business sales of flowers, but our efforts were instrumental in generating a continuous momentum in wholesale orders from different vendors.

Our experience of teaming up with Blooming British was indeed a stimulating enterprise that was refreshingly challenging in the exploration of new avenues of achieving growth in a foreign market. By conducting a wide range of experiments and market research, we were able to convert growth strategies into achievable and productive outcomes.