How we helped Capitol Developers define its 50-story high interlocking twin  skyscrapers on the web

Sanken Group's flagship venture, Capitol TwinPeaks is a luxury condominium located in Colombo 02. Offering breathtaking city, lake, and ocean views, this location is ideal for those seeking a trendy urban lifestyle.

Sprig Agency is a Strategic and Insightful Partner

“When tasked with reimagining the Capital Maharaja Group Website, the Sprig Agency worked tirelessly to ensure our iconic brand was positioned for the modern age while keeping its 90-year legacy intact. The team displayed a profound understanding of our company's values, objectives, and vision. Their ability to translate our complex requirements into an elegant and user-friendly website was nothing short of remarkable. The website now serves as a true reflection of our brand identity, thanks to their dedication and expertise.”

Ravi Gamage

General Manager – Group Human Resources, Capital Maharaja Group


Our team was tasked with delivering a sophisticated UI, UX strategy and design for Capitol TwinPeaks’ official website while keeping in line with their luxury brand and approach to urban living. Our key aims were to:

  • Design a website that emphasised the lifestyle trend of urban luxury living.
  • Create an intuitive navigation system.
  • Provide an optimal browsing experience across different devices.
  • Focus on data-driven decision-making throughout the design process.
  • Maintain consistent branding across all interfaces. 


  • Create a user-centric experience for all target audiences.
  • Visually showcase the appeal of apartments and highlight the distinctive aspects of Capitol TwinPeaks on the website.

Our Team

Jasmine W.
Growth Marketing Manager 

Examined the client’s website thoroughly to determine how the customer experience and journey could be improved.

Jasmine W.
Growth Marketing Analyst 

Conducted A/B tests, ran ads and collected data to inform strategy adjustments and budget allocations.

Jasmine W.
UI/UX Designer

Tested different copies across platforms and campaigns to determine the most effective messaging for the target audience.

Jasmine W.
Content Writer

Used the Lean Model Canvas to understand the business and connected with customers directly to learn about the obstacles they encountered during the customer journey.

Jasmine W.
Creative Designer

Conducted design experiments across platforms and campaigns to identify the elements that resonated the most with the target audience.

Provided services


Create slick and simple digital interfaces.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve your website’s online visibility.

Our Approach in a Nutshell

1. Extensive market and competitor analysis to understand best practices in the industry and identify UI/UX trends, ideal customer profiles, UI/ UX metrics, visual design, content and user journeys and experiences. 

2. A/B testing of variations of page layouts, content layouts, visuals and media, headlines and copy, and CTAs to identify the best approach to highlight the brand and its service. 

3. Taking a user-centric design approach aimed at creating a website that would resonate with potential buyers and offer a seamless browsing experience.

4. Carefully mapping the user journey by identifying touchpoints and calls-to-action that guided visitors towards exploring the Capitol TwinPeaks’ products and services and converting them. 

5. Implementing a responsive design that ensured the website's optimal performance and accessibility across various devices and screen sizes.

6. Enabling performance optimisation by focusing on website speed and fast loading times to ensure a positive user experience.

7. Ensuring that key information is presented in a clear and organised manner with the use of hierarchical layouts, concise headings, and bullet points that enable easy scanning of essential details.

8. Adhering to accessibility guidelines, ensuring that the website was usable by all users, including those with disabilities, to make it inclusive and user-friendly.


  • Our approach enabled us to implement best practices and take a user-centric approach to our website from the very start of the design phase.  This drove a 100% increase in apartments sold, over $1,000,000 in revenue, and a 200% increase in engagement on the site. 


We are based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are available from 9AM to 5PM (GMT+5:30) on weekdays.


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