How we helped a leader in Sri Lanka's floriculture industry in achieving a 6X revenue increase

Shirohana Flowers, the retail arm of Huejay International Multiflora Pvt. Ltd., has led Sri Lanka's cut-flower industry for 40 years.

Sprig Agency is a Strategic and Insightful Partner

“The Sprig Agency Team relentlessly and patiently challenged our approach to
various inbound activities and completely changed how we think about revenue
generation via the growth hacking funnel. They helped us show the right product to
the right customer at the right time to double our revenues year on year”

Indrajith J

Director at Shirohana


Shirohana was already regarded as an industry leader in Sri Lanka, but it aimed to strengthen its position by expanding its online presence and increasing sales sustainably in the face of fierce competition. Our key aims were to:

  • Increase website traffic and user base.
  • Improve website conversion rates.
  • Increase customer retention and lifetime value.
  • Conduct essential A/B tests to optimise strategies.  
  • Make meaningful connections with customers in order to understand and address their problems effectively.


  • Almost all competitors had an established online presence.
  • The client required a more effective digital marketing strategy.
  • The need for extensive experimentation required timely execution.

Provided services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

Promote your business with targeted ads.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Drive traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing & Ads

Connect with customers on their favourite platforms.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Increase leads and sales on your website.

Email Marketing

Nurture customer relationships with personalised messages.


Create Videos that tell your story.

Our Approach in a Nutshell

1. We began by reviewing the basics, understanding Shirohana’s core value propositions as a business, and exploring core customer behaviour and purchasing patterns through collaborative exercises with the client. 

2. We established a clear and measurable North Star metric from the start and worked in close collaboration with the client to achieve it.

3. We ran A/B tests on social media, search engine marketing and website optimisation to gain insights about our target audience's response to different copies, designs, and user experiences. Additionally, we found direct customer feedback to be crucial in shaping our experiments.

4. We ensured cross-functional expertise within the growth team by including experts from every core area needed to break down traditional marketing silos. This resulted in a significant acceleration of the growth process. 


Our data-driven approach enabled us to identify and address
growth opportunities and roadblocks early on.
These small victories added up over time, resulting in a staggering 6X
revenue growth sustained over a two-year period. Conversion rates increased
by nearly 50%, while Return on Advertising Spend surged by 10X.


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