Continuing to defy the odds for the century ahead

How we helped the 90-year-old conglomerate Capital Maharaja Group, reposition themselves on the modern web.

Expertise: Design, Strategy and Web Development
Platforms: Web
Deliverables: UI/UX, and Strategy
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An iconic history of business and industry that goes back 90 years

Right from its inception in 1930 the Maharaja Organization has been a part of the very fabric, culture, traditions and economic core of this nation celebrating its 90 years rechristened as CMG – The Capital Maharaja Group. They have faced the Great Depression, World War II, multiple financial recessions, the ‘83 riots, a 30-year civil war and a lot more.

Looking forward to the next 90 years, the leadership team at CMG came to us with one objective in mind: How can we reposition ourselves on the modern web, keeping in mind our long history of iconic Sri Lankan businesses & our impact on Sri Lanka's post independence history?

The courage to be different on the modern web

The leadership team at CMG understood the world of technology has disrupted the way we live and needed to reposition themselves on the internet, showcasing how the group - both its people and its businesses have kept up with these technologies and trends.

They understood that people's habits have changed and some of CMG's most important future stakeholders are going to be using the web to discover and learn about the group.

Hence, CMG needed rethink the way it showcased its successful history of partnerships, diversity of businesses and the impact of its loved and trusted brands to a global class of stakeholders in a truly world-class way. The opportunity for Sprig was clear, aid CMG tell its beautiful & unique Sri Lankan story on its website.

"Since opening its doors nine decades ago, CMG has become an integral thread in the fabric of Sri Lankan life. Our numerous partners and subsidiaries supply a diverse array of products and services ranging from PVC piping to Ceylon Tea."

Showcasing strong partnerships with
trusted & iconic brands

It is no exaggeration to say that CMG has a played a crucial role in the development of the country's post independence economy, creating some of the most iconic joint ventures in the country, from revolutionizing the local dairy industry and creating Sri Lanka's biggest FMCG brand with the New Zealand Dairy Board to partnering with Singapore Telecom International (Singtel) to create one of Sri Lanka's first independent TV channels-MTV.

We collaborated closely with the leadership team at CMG to ensure we highlighted these success stories.

Looking forward and continuing to transform the business landscape of Sri Lanka

As CMG realigned its focus to be oriented towards the future and engages with new stakeholders to create new businesses for the future, both the leadership team at CMG and Sprig are excited at the possibilities introduced to the group through the new website.

We’re excited to see how CMG grows and evolves as it looks ahead to the next 90 years!