Iconic brands, revitalized online

How we helped ICL rethink some of its most iconic brands on the web

Expertise: Design, Strategy and Web Development
Platforms: Web
Deliverables: UI, UX, and Strategy
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Remaining relevant to a new audience segment

As a member of the Capital Maharaja Organization, ICL's iconic brands span decades of heritage and history. Delivering the finest of internationally sourced and locally manufactured products to consumers.

The team at ICL Brands knew that customer demographics are changing. An entirely new customer segment is using technology to learn about products and services while spending a majority of their time on social media platforms. ICL needed its brands to remain relevant to this audience.

At the same time, there was a market gap. Competitors did not showcase their brands in a unique way on the web that complemented their brand. The opportunity for Sprig was clear, aid ICL tell the unique stories of some of its most iconic brands on its website.

Each brand has its own story

After a series of discussions with various brand managers, customers, and other stakeholders, our design and product team learned that people have very different expectations when it comes to each brand. Each brand is unique with its own set of expectations and history, hence, it was essential to look at each brand differently.

Our research reinforced the emotional value of these iconic brands, showcasing how each brand has become an integral part of the lives of all Sri Lankans.

"Be it getting yourself groomed for your day at the office, using sanitizer to protect yourself during a pandemic, having a cup of world-famous Ceylon tea, providing a child with the safest baby care products, or using ayurvedic remedies to aid you to recover from illness, ICL's Brands touches a part of all Sri Lankan lives."

A new experience

ICL Brands is now engaging and wildly informative. We worked hard on all our unique designs. Together with our client, we broke down the story we wanted to tell each respective customer on our featured brand pages.

That deep understanding of each brand story informed every decision.

Ready to outshine the competition

We’ve worked with ICL to develop a long term roadmap of brand-focused content and create a product that keeps each brand relevant and updated.

We’re excited to see it grow and evolve. But most importantly, we excited to aid ICL Brands to redefine how its customers experience their brands while allowing them to rediscover these brands in more meaningful ways.