Create better websites, faster

Sprig works with a variety of companies to provide everything they need to create better websites, fast.

Sprig is also an official partner for Wix in Sri Lanka, the leading cloud-based platform with millions of users worldwide. Our website services start at just LKR 80,000.

A modern website design that stands the test of time

Design an amazing website that meets world class design standards. An aesthetically pleasing modern website directly influences your customer’s relationship with your business.

Unique to your brand personality

Delight your customers & audience

Built with state of the art technology

Check out what we did for the Capital Maharaja Group

Delight your customer with a website that works!

Follow an innovative design process that shortcuts all the cost associated with building and launching the product in months. Enabling you to launch the best version of your idea in a few weeks instead.

Test your ideas with real customers

Increase your sales

Generate a real return on investment

Don’t wait months, launch in weeks instead

We can go from a napkin sketch to a real shipped product in just a few weeks. Building seamless and beautiful design features to create some of the most unique experiences on the web.

A qualified team dedicated to your success

An official partner for Wix, a leading cloud based website platform

Dedicated support manager post launch

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you guys charge?

You don't have to sell your kidney to work with us, our services begin at LKR 80,000.

What do you guys do?

We are an agency that builds marketing websites, landing pages and more. Additionally, we also design products and provide UI/UX design services.

Who do you guys work with?

We’ve helped everyone from start-ups to some of Sri Lanka's most respected businesses. Examples include Newsfirst, the Sanken Group and more.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us by emailing or calling Chris at +94 777549947

How do I view your work?

View some of our case studies on our home page to learn more.